This Kid On An ATV Throwing Beer Cans At Cops While Doing Donuts At His High School Is An All-Time Police Chase

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Mingo County Sheriff

This is about as West Virginian as you can get.

Back in 2020, an 18-year old kid on an ATV became a legend at Mingo Central High School in southern West Virginia after doing donuts in the yard of the school while leading police on a wild chase.

And of course, there were plenty of students there to provide us with the video.

According to the Williamson Daily News, 18-year old Zachary Kyle Fowler was arrested on a dozen different charges after the chase – a chase that included Fowler throwing full cans of Bud Light at police as he was fleeing in his UTV.

If that ain’t some Dukes of Hazzard redneck shit, I don’t know what is.

In the videos posted online, you can see Fowler slinging up mud in the yard of the school as he does donuts, all while a brave soul (the principal?) tries to get him to stop.

But any West Virginian knows that there’s no reasoning with a drunk redneck in a side-by-side.

Police then chase the fleeing student through the yard of the school as students stand outside and laugh at the wild scene. Fowler eventually managed to escape the pursuing officers when he led them down a dirt road and then fled onto the Hatfield and McCoy trail.

Fowler turned himself in to the police a few hours later – but not before he saw himself on social media and shared the videos to his Facebook with the caption “yessir.”

And apparently Fowler was pleased with his newfound fame, because when he showed up to court to turn himself in he was asking people in the courthouse if they wanted his autograph.

Like I said: Legend.

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