Watch Two Rocky Mountain Black Bears Face Off In Intense Fight

black bear

Just because they look cuddly doesn’t mean they are…

Black bears have a reputation of being the most docile of the North American bears, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

In fact, according to PestHero, they’re actually the species most likely to attack a human, however that is mainly due to a higher number of encounters per year.

But if you want an example that they’re not just giant lovable forest animals, watch this video captured by YouTube channel Rocky Mountain Antlers. 

While we don’t know what they were fighting over, chances are it had to do with food or territory, but regardless both bears didn’t hesitate to get after it and defend what they thought was theirs.

Although the fight was brief, the power in each of them is clearly visible. The bone chilling growls just add to the intensity, which was captured from a place of relative safety, looking to be up on a deck.

After the first few lock ups, one of the bears is able to pin the other to the ground, basically securing victory. After the grounded one gets up, he continues his growling, but retreats and eventually leaves the winner to enjoy the spoils of victory.

Really wish we could see if there was a carcass or female around that they were tussling over, but either way, awesome to see these monsters in action.

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