Twitter Blasts John Harbaugh’s For “A**hole” Interview With Sideline Reporter Melissa Stark

John Harbaugh

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens squared off against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

It was a hard fought game and the Ravens had their opportunities even though they were without their starting quarterback Lamar Jackson (who wasn’t even on the sideline), but the Bengals ultimately came out on top, defeating Baltimore 24-17.

The game itself was also very chippy, as both teams were chirping back and forth to each other, and there were a few penalties thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Needless to say, it was probably a pretty frustrating game for the coaches of both teams.

However, it appears that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh took out some of that frustration on NBC sideline reporter Melissa Stark, when she walked over for an interview at the beginning of the second quarter with the Bengals leading 3-0.

She first asked Harbaugh what he thought about the last penalty thrown on his team, and he responded:

“Well, I didn’t like the last penalty.”

And while she was asking him what he was gonna say to his team after the rough first quarter, he rudely cuts her off and sarcastically says:

“We’ll be fine our guys will be fine, it’s gonna be a hard fought game out here, we’re gonna play at good game.”

She then asked about Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley’s first quarter interception, and he rudely responds again:

“We’ll just see how the game goes, OK?”

He was obviously not happy, and you know it had to be weird for Stark, considering she was just doing her job. Should coaches be required to do these interviews when their entire season is on the line? That’s probably up for debate.

Needless to say, the Twitter world took note, both in positive and negative ways:


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