NFL Fans Are Convinced The NFL Is Rigged After Trevor Lawrence’s Postgame Interview

Trevor Lawrence NFL

Incase you missed it, the Jacksonville Jaguars put together one of the most thrilling come from behind wins in NFL playoff history on Saturday night.

At one point, the Jags were down 27-0 against the Los Angeles Chargers on top of four interceptions thrown by quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

However, Lawrence and the Jags came alive in the second half, and ultimately won 31-30 thanks to a 36-yard game winning field goal by kicker Riley Patterson.

Needless to say, it was an electric comeback, considering it looked all but over after the first half, but Jacksonville proved they wanted it more…

Or, did the NFL want them more?

It’s no secret that people have been saying professional sports are rigged for years.

Ya know, the whole “the league wants this team to win because it’ll bring in more viewers,” yada yada yada.

Of course, there have been several games in the past that truly make you wonder, but I can’t say I’m all in on this conspiracy.

But, with that being said, Trevor Lawrence himself said something in his postgame interview that definitely raised some eyebrows.

He kicked off the interview by saying:

“You couldn’t write a crazier script.”

A SCRIPT? Did Trevor just leak the message that the NFL is scripted?

I don’t think so, considering people have been saying this line for forever to put emphasis on how wild a game was.

Nevertheless, it got a lot of people talking on Twitter, to say the least:

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