Groomsman Caught On A Hot Mic Thirsting Over Bridesmaid As She Walks Down The Aisle: “Zoom In On Those”


Man, oh man… let this be a future lesson for all of you engaged couples out there.

Choose your bridal carefully and definitely don’t put a mic near your groomsmen when they’re already about five Fireball mini-bottles deep.

I mean c’mon, we all know that the groomsmen like to give the groom a hard time before the wedding, knowing that they’re in the final moments of their best friend being a bachelor.

And you already know that carries out into the wedding too, so needless to say, some accidental words may slip…

And here’s exhibit A.

Here we have one rowdy groomsmen, standing next to the groom who is mic’d up.

As one of the bridesmaids begins to make her way down the aisle, and you can hear one of the groomsmen say:

“Oh yeah. Zoom in on those!”

Yeah, you can already imagine what he’s talking about in that moment.

Then, the groom next to him (who is also mic’d up) says:

“Are you f*ckin’ dumb dude?… You’re gonna be a f*ckin asshole dude? I’m f*ckin’ mic’d up also.”

Whoops… caught on a hot mic.

And maybe the guys just have natural drunk personalities, but I’ve got a good feeling that they were a good bit past the slot when all of this was going down.

I mean c’mon, the groom gets on to the other for being too loud, and proceeds to say four swear words in a row?

This is one they’ll be laughing about down the road for awhile. And so will the rest of the world not that it has gone mega-viral, earning over 10 million views on TikTok.

Check it out:

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