Fisherman Stunned To Pull A Muskrat Through The Ice Instead Of A Fish

Muskrat fishing

This is what makes getting out there so awesome.

Ice fishing is the bridge that gets many outdoorsmen through the winter. Braving the elements hoping to get a few fish over the whole day.

But, even though the temperatures aren’t as favorable and the action might not be quite as exciting, unexpected things can still happen out there. You can still hook into a monster or have something else completely wild happen.

Nothing beats nature’s surprises… especially when you’re with some friends making memories.

These boys were out for a day of ice fishing when one of their tip-ups set the hook and had something on the line.

One of them races over and starts hand-lining in the catch. The excitement builds throughout the fight as the fish has some fight to it.

The man gets ready to pull the fish out of their hole when out of nowhere out climbs a muskrat.

The muskrat spits out the lure, looks around to see what’s going on, then dives straight back into the freezing water as all the fellas laugh.

Nothing beats a good laugh like that.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock