Carrie Underwood Shares Her Secret To A Quick Leg Workout

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New year, new me… new Carrie Underwood workout routine?

January is always the busiest month of the year for gyms.

A bunch of people trying to kick off the new year on the right foot, finally get in shape, and they swarm the gym for the first few weeks in January before they inevitably slack off for the other 11 months of the year.

Of course when it comes to physical fitness in the country music world, we all know that Tim McGraw is insanely shredded, Riley Green is pretty jacked, and Carrie Underwood is right up there at the top with them. Especially, in the leg department.

And while looking good is important for country music singers, it actually pays to be in pretty good physical condition to keep your stamina up for a full two hour set.

With that being said, famed country star Carrie Underwood is giving us an opportunity to check out her leg workout routines that help her keep her physique. In partnership with her fitness app Fit52, Carrie is letting fans in on her workout secrets.

In a video she posted to Instagram, the first workout displayed is the good ol’ fashioned fire hydrants (I had to do so many of these things for our golf workouts in college it wasn’t even funny).

And for the next workout, it’s side lying leg lifts.

For the third, it’s bulldog floor squats (don’t recommend trying this one out when you’re a few beers deep).

And for the final workout? It’s standing hamstring curls (which I ALSO do not recommend doing after drinking a few beers).

Check it out:

And if you want a full body workout, here’s Carrie’s quick 22-minute at-home workout:

Last year, Carrie also shared a quick5-minute HIIT workout video alongside personal trainer, Eve Overland:

Carrie Underwood’s 3-Year-Old Son Works Out To ‘90s ‘Tae Bo’ DVD

You can always count on country music to take you back to the ‘90s.

But this morning in the most hilarious way possible, Carrie Underwood (with the help of her youngest son) took us straight back to Billy Blanks and the Tae Bo workout craze of that era, as little Jake followed one of the old fitness trainer’s DVDs through the steps.

Three-year-old Jake struggled a bit with the movements, as he’s in quite a young stage of developmental movement at his age, but he had the basic progressions down-pat as he followed Tae Bo’s instructions. At one point he even used his arms to try and manually lift his leg as high as Tae Bo.

Carrie, who apparently walked in on this funny scene, videoed from behind as she laughed along.

She later posted the video with a cute caption:

“Jake staring the day off right!

The boys found one of my old Tae Bo DVDs in a box of things and Jake thought he’d have himself a little morning workout!

I may soon have myself a gym buddy!”

If you need a good Friday afternoon laugh, this one caught be off guard in the best and most hilarious way.

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