We Need More Commercials Like Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings’ 1996 Stuffed Crust Pizza Hut Ad

Willie Nelson country music

Back with another gem from the ’90s.

Advertising was really simple in the ’90s… get somebody famous.

Your commercial is a steaming pile of corny dog shit? Doesn’t matter, we got somebody famous.

You have the classic John Wayne and R. Lee Ermey Coors Banquet commercial, Alan Jackson and Clint Black’s Miller Lite spot, Johnny Cash and Taco Bell, Dale Sr. for Sun Drop, George Strait’s Bud Light ads, Charlie Daniels with Skoal, Alan Jackson with Ford AND Miller Lite… the list of gold is endless.

And today, we’re taking it back to 1996 for a Pizza Hut spot with two country legends… Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

“I gotta eat mine wrongways…”

Man, I miss the ’90s… and stuffed crust Pizza Hut.

Willie Nelson Is Still The Master Of Commercials

Back in the ’90s, we saw Willie Nelson create a legendary song and commercial for Taco Bell’s brand new “Steak Burrito Supreme,” and he even did a Pizza Hut commercial with Johnny Cash himself.

The master of commercials himself, Shotgun Willie, is back in the commercial game again with a brand new environmentally friendly ad for FedEx.

In the commercial, FedEx is campaigning their goal to be carbon neutral by 2040, and featured Nelson’s hit song, “Always on My Mind.”

At the end of the video, we see a FedEx robot speeding down the sidewalk, and the man himself sticks his head around the corner and says:

“I thought I’d seen it all.”

It’s awesome to see the guy still kicking it with the best of ’em, still performing live music, and even contributing in commercials.

I still think we need to see another Willie Taco Bell commercial though, but hey that’s just me.



A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock