Bear Mother Protects Her Cubs From Passing By Yellowstone Tourists As They Eat An Elk Calf Roadside

Bear yellowstone

Bears like elk too.

What’s not to like though? Elk are one of the best tasting game animals out there.

They are an animal built of pure muscle, while they also grow to large sizes with mature bulls pushing 1,000 pounds.

Areas they reside in is generally home to many other species as well. These areas often times host many bears, as habitat requirements cross over and elk just so happen to be a good food source.

As a mama bear, they have their work cut out for them. They have to teach one or more cubs how to hunt and survive while trying daily to keep them alive so they can learn to do so.

Bears can be very opportunistic and happily will eat road kill instead of hunting. Their whole lives consist of getting food as easy as they can. Roadkill is a lot easier to get than a living animal.

In the video, a group of bears can be seen tearing into an elk carcass like it’s the last meal they’ll ever eat. It’s both mesmerizing and a little bit unsettling to watch, but that’s nature for ya.

The mother bear is on edge with the group of tourists stopping to watch. She circles in front of them keeping people as far away as she can so her young can get the meal they need.

But as wild and ferocious as these bears may seem, it’s important to remember that they are a vital part of the natural ecosystem and play a crucial role in maintaining balance in their environment.

Seeing a wild animal feed like this is a dream of many wildlife chasers.

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