Bird Hunter With Nerves Of Steel Remains Calm In The Face Of A Charging Bear

Bear hunter


If there’s a more frightening scenario in the great outdoors, I’m not sure that I’ve heard of it.

Big, strong, fast, powerful, these magnificent beasts come charging at you faster than you can possibly imagine, and while most of the time it’s just a bluff, you need to maintain an insane level of calm in order to properly protect yourself.

That is, if you even get the chance to protect yourself…

Of course, whenever you’re in bear country, bear spray is a must have, even when you’re armed with a firearm.

As you can see in this pulse-pounding video, a gun isn’t always the answer.

The man is speaking Russian, although it’s unclear exactly where the man is hunting. He seemed to be bird hunting (the side-by-side shotgun seems to indicate so), which means that his shotgun could very well be loaded with birdshot shells… AKA not exactly what you want to shoot a bear. Plus, you only have two rounds…

Nevertheless, two shots proved to be more than enough for this hunter who perfectly maintained his composure when this mother bear (accompanied by three cubs) bluff charged not once or twice, but three separate times.

The hunters had some dogs with them, who may have alerted the hunter to the bear, and might also be responsible for agitating it, but every time the pissed off mama bear comes charging towards the hunter, he remains patient and doesn’t fire off a shot too early.

The bear gets within a few yards, and the hunter still holds off on pulling the trigger.

With birdshot in the shotgun, he would’ve had to wait right until the end to get off the maximum effectiveness of the round on the bear.

Lucky for him, the bear peeled off each time, and he never had to fire. Props to him… dude has ice water in his veins.

And probably a deuce in his shorts…

Kid Calmly Walks Away From A Bear Who Is Right Behind Him

Imagine wandering through the Italian country side, just you and your pops looking for pine cones, and out of nowhere a giant bear sticks out its giant head, with its giant teeth, right out of the bushes.

Not sure how they say it in Italy, but we like to say it like this… “you’re screwed.”

Unless you’re the calmest 12-year-old on planet Earth…

I nearly shit my pants just watching this from the comfort and safety of my own home, meanwhile this little dude with ice water in his veins very calmly walks back over to dad, hungry bear following him every step of the way, and acts like nothing happened.

Like he didn’t just wriggle out of the jaws of a very certain death…

And you’re an idiot like me and thought to yourself, “they have bears in Italy?” I did you a favor and looked it up, and yes, according to the trusty Wikipedia, the brown bear population of the Italian Alps was nearly wiped out in the ’90s, however thanks to conservation efforts, the population has slowly began to creep back up.


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Skier Is Way Too Calm During Insanely Close Encounter With Bear

Alright, I’m starting to have some mixed emotions about bears now.

A few weeks ago, we posted a video of a bear mauling a ginormous moose… and now, I’m back to thinking that bears kinda cute, you know, when they’re not pulling a moose apart with their teeth.

A skier in Predeal, Romania, was recently capturing some footage on the slopes, when a bear comes trotting up towards them. The bear makes its way to the top with the skiers, and it looks like it’s just having a good time, evening laying down a few times. Maybe he’s just trying to sun-bathe a little bit after kickin’ it in snowy woods all day.

But after a few minutes of recording, the skier begins to make his way down the slope and the next thing you know, the bear starts CHASING after him full-speed. Maybe he was just playing around, or maybe he was wanting to rip the skier’s face off, who really knows, right? But what I do know is that I sure as hell wouldn’t be laughing the whole time like the skier was.

Like dude, you are WAY to calm about a bear being that close to you. Granted, he’s not a huge bear, but look at those claws and tell me he still couldn’t tear your heart out.

Eventually, the bear has gives up chasing the skier, but just based on the tone of his voice, this dude wasn’t worried about it AT ALL.

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