Koe Wetzel, Diplo And Kodak Black Share Behind The Scenes Look At Filming The Music Video For “Wasted” In Miami

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It looks like these three had zero fun filming the video for their new single “Wasted.”

After much ado, the song that features the surprising combination of EDM/pop producer Diplo, rapper Kodak Black, and no other than Texas rock star Koe Wetzel is out everywhere today.

Not gonna lie, when I first heard about this trio, I had no clue what to expect or what this song would sound like, and it’s definitely an upbeat, party song with a catchy hook and fun production.

I feel like it’s really the personification of all those “when you put the playlist on shuffle” memes because of the variety of artists involved, and while the new tune certainly won’t be for everybody, I just think it’s cool to see three such different artists working together and trying something new.

And not only did they drop a new music video with the song today, which they filmed down in Miami this past summer, but they’re also giving us a behind the scenes look at how it all went down.

We see several shots of the three of them on a yacht, hanging out by the fire, partying in the summer heat, and even riding around on the water in that jeep-looking car speedboat machine (clearly, I have no clue what you call it).

We also see Diplo (whose real name is Thomas Wesley), receiving some first-aid after getting a splinter on set, as he jokes he “needed three women to help” him get it out.

There’s also some shots of Koe playing an American flag-themed acoustic guitar (one that’s out of tune, apparently), so if you want a peak at the whole process of filming “Wasted,” check it out:

And make sure you check out the final product here too:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock