Drayton Farley’s “Norfolk Blues” Is A Homesick Working Man’s Anthem

Drayton Farley country music

The first taste of this upcoming Drayton Farley album is just so damn good.

The Alabama native announced his third album, Twenty On High, earlier this week and with it gave us the first taste of what to expect from the project.

Titled “Norfolk Blues,” it’s a tale that never grows old because there’s always people out there living it daily.

Honestly, shoutout to all those embodying this song, working their ass off to make some money for their family. Being away from home, whether because you had to move for a job or just due to the long hours, it’s never easy, but when push comes to shove you’re willing to step up to the plate to make things just a bit better for your kid’s future.

Drayton speaks from experience in this one, not having grown up with anything handed to him, having worked hard for everything he’s got.

“The days are all long and the years they’re short
Homes down South I’m stuck up North
Working on a living for the family
Wishing I could give them all a fantasy
The times are all tough and the works real hard
I’ve been pulling doubles in the Norfolk yard
Trying to find a way away from it all
Waiting for the day the curtain may fall”

The song ends with a haunting echo that many will relate too.

“It’s all the way it’s always been”

Excellent, excellent stuff out of Drayton and I cannot wait for the whole project in March.

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