10-Year-Old Sports Journalist Conducts Coolest Interview Ever With Raiders WR Davante Adams

Davante Adams raiders

Man, this kid is good.

I went to college for journalism for four years, and even planned to be a high school sports reporter before I took the job here at Whiskey Riff, but I’m fully convinced I couldn’t finish an interview this stellar in one try like this kid.

After the Las Vegas Raiders’ final game against the Kansas City Chiefs to wrap up their season at a disappointing 6-11, star Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams shared a special moment with a 10-year-old kid named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah had only one wish for Adams, and it was if he could conduct a brief interview.

Rocking a sweet shirt and black tie, along with a mic, Jeremiah took it away:

“I’m here with Davante Adams, wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders. He’s got 95 receptions for 1,443 yards. He’s got 14 touchdowns and he averages 15 yards per catch. It’s an honor and a privilege to meet you.”

Jeremiah then told Adams that his favorite memory was going to one of Adams’ football camps, and playing against him in a 7-on-7.

He then asked the 30-year-old what his favorite memory was growing up, and he responded:

“I would say, when I was young, maybe about seven or eight years old, I had the opportunity to meet J.J. Stokes, who was on the San Francisco 49ers at the time.

That memory stuck with me because that was the first professional athlete that I met, and it was a great experience. Really nice guy, he helped out the young kids and gave us great advice.”

Good stuff, kid.

Considering Jeremiah’s professionalism throughout this interview, you would’ve thought he’d been doing this his whole life.

Turns out, he has…

And posts them all to his TikTok:

@jeremiahoneandfive2022 was an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what God blesses me to accomplish in 2023 🎉. Thank you so much to everyone who was apart of my 2022 memories. @s4f_youthmedia @beastmode @taeadams @michellewilliams @bpap_ @debotjetlife @@risethelion54 @jamihotis @_bigroy11 @botw.landon @sasasquadfoundation @zachh.branch @tqthetrojan @thefranchiselv @urgirl_zariyah28 @onyxkeesha @nickidcal34 @1v1_sportz @polo.capalot @Justinpippen @ashtonhardaway @mrs_savannahrj @dangmattsmith @isaiah_elohim @bronny @_justbryce @sierracanyonbasketball @sarahkaynee @neighborhood_housinglv @thejustoneprojectlv @newsieheather @fevenkaynews @vince_sapienza @danielcarlson38♬ House of Memories – Panic! At The Disco

@jeremiahoneandfive Jeremiah conducts halftime and post game interviews with Vegas Strong 11U after being defeated by Las Vegas Tribe Boys in championship game. #youthsports, #sportscommentators, #youthfootball, #sportsinjuries, #s4f_youthmedia, #defensewinschampionships, #championshipgame ♬ original sound – Jeremiah one and five

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