Twitter Goes Bonkers After NHL Cameraman Gets Busted Zooming In On Tennis Influence Rachel Stuhlmann At St. Louis Blues Game

Rachel S NHL Game
Rachel Stuhlmann


If you’ve been watching sports for awhile now, then you know that the camera crew tries to zone in on the most attractive girls in the stands.

Maybe for ratings? Maybe for their own liking? Both? Who knows…

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s always an awkward moment when the feed flips to another camera who, let’s just say isn’t expecting to go live at the moment.

But nevertheless, if you flip on a game, there’s a 100% chance that a gorgeous girl will pop up on your TV screen at some point.

I mean c’mon, we can’t forget Brent Musburger’s wild comments in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game, when the camera crew zoned in on Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, and said:

“When you’re a quarterback at Alabama, you see that lovely lady there? She does go to Auburn but she also is Miss Alabama and that’s A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend… You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women.

What a beautiful woman. Wow.”

But anyways, it appears that people are even starting to take a liking to the whole “find the beautiful girl in the crowd” camera mission too, as we all saw it when the “Peach Bowl Girl” girl (who has since been identified as Catherine Gurd) reppin’ an Ohio State jersey was spotted in the crowd while Ohio State squared off against Georgia in the Peach Bowl, and Twitter went absolutely nuts over her.

However, sometimes the camera guys get caught sneaking a look when they aren’t supposed to…

And it all happened on Tuesday night, when the Calgary Flames squared off against the St. Louis Blues.

After the Blues scored a goal, the cameras shifted to the crowd, where the camera guy already had his lens focused on…

Well, just see for yourself…

Yeah yeah, we all know you were trying to cop a sneaky one my guy.

Unfortunately, he got caught.

And the Twitter world was loving it:

And the woman herself has been identified as Rachel Stuhlmann, a former University of Missouri tennis player and influence from St. Louis, who boasts 264K followers on Instagram.

Dubbed the Paige Spiranac of tennis, and even cites her as an influence, Rachel is quickly becoming a popular face in the tennis world.

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