Watch Odell Beckham Jr. Mock Unhappy Passengers After Forcing Everyone To Deplane: “Enjoy Your Cheeseboard.. Ugly A**”

Odell Beckham

Sheesh, Odell, why’d you have to do that man like that?

Before Antonio Brown fell off the deep end (like REALLY fell off the deep end), Odell Beckham Jr. was arguably the most polarizing player in the NFL.

You know, he was the guy always in the headlines about getting into some kinda scrum with some defensive back during a game back when he played for the New York Giants, and there was also that video of him getting into a fight with the kicker’s net.

Well, the guy made headlines again back on November 27th, when news broke that Beckham had to be escorted off a plane in Miami after flight attendants and police said he had “lost consciousness.”

According to the flight crew, Odell was unresponsive multiple times before they pushed off, and the pilots didn’t want to risk takeoff in case there was a medical issue. They tried to wake him up multiple times to put on his seatbelt and he wouldn’t budge.

But here’s how Odell described the situation.

Clearly the victim in all this…

With that being said, bodycam footage has been released, recording the whole ordeal, and as always, the truth will set you free. Or in Odell’s case, make him look like the world’s biggest asshole.

When police approached the washed up wide receiver on the plane, he appears to be out of sorts, and refuses to leave or cooperate.

You can hear one officer tell him:

“We’re gonna have to deplane everybody on this plane and then you’re still gonna get off.”

Beckham responds:

“That’s fine.”

What a dick move…

In the footage, it’s easy to see that the passengers are not happy about having to get off the plane because of Beckham, in particular a guy in a red shirt. A completely fair response to selfish ass clown like Beckham making everybody get off the plane.

You can hear Beckham start to talk sh*t to the guy:

“I would never in my life get off the plane for you. Specifically you… That shit don’t mean nothing to me. You’re going wait 40 minutes and I’m going to be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat ass.

Enjoy the cheeseboard on your way home… with your ugly ass.”

According to The Daily Beast, he faced no charges over the incident, and his lawyer blamed the situation on an “overzealous” flight attendant, stating that the confrontation was unnecessary to begin with.

Beckham was part of the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl team last season, after getting picked up by them for the post season. This season, he’s said that he can still play, however, has remained unsigned.

You can watch the whole ordeal here:

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