Grizzly Bear Delivers Terrifying Bluff Charge On Group Of Hikers Too Close To His Fishing Hole

Grizzly bear charge

I understand the feeling…

Nobody wants to see another person in their prime fishing hole.

One of the great parts of fishing can be the peace that comes from solidarity. Having people push into the area you traveled to can get on a fellas nerves.

And why would a big ol’ bear be any different?

Grizzly bears are one the most notorious predators on the planet. Known for their sheer size and power, with the ability of taking out anything, even a moose, that lives out there.

Adult males average around to 600 pounds, while females around 400 pounds. They can stand up to 8 feet tall when standing on their hind legs, making them an imposing presence in the wild. Their thick fur also adds to their bulk, giving them a larger appearance than they would have otherwise.

Yes, their appearance is as scary as they can be.

Grizzly tours are popular in areas they have heavy populations, like Alaska. Their movements and whereabouts is somewhat predictable making it a great tourism venture. But, these tours still come with their risks, I mean they still are wild grizzly bears.

Generally, people are fine in the presence of grizzlies unless they feel threatened. They are fairly territorial especially when it comes to food.

This group got more than they paid for when out on one of these tours in Alaska.

When at one of their destination a male grizz had enough of them.

The bear is seen charging in full speed ahead only a few feet away from the gourp as it tries to scare them off.

The whole event was summed up in the video.

“Too close to his fishing hole. Walked by us several times and finally charged and tried to scare us away.”

That’s nature for ya.

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