California Mountain Lion Squares Off With Brave House Cat At Sliding Glass Door


You see a creature peering through your glass door, ready to rip your house pet to shreds, what you gonna do?

This is the exact situation a family in California ran into, when they discovered a large cougar sitting on their back patio, staring straight through their sliding glass door directly towards their pet cat.

It all went down in Julian, California.

In the footage, you can see a cougar sitting on the back patio and staring off into the distance, when all of a sudden it turns around and walks straight up to the sliding glass door.

The cougar is looking right at the cat. One would think that the cat would be absolutely mortified, and run off into the back room, right?

Nah, the cat begins to hiss back towards the cougar, pawing at the door.

The cougar appears to almost be thrown off, surprised that the cat actually wants the smoke, knowing that it could easily take on the cat.

However, the cougar obviously did not want the smoke on this day, and quickly ran off after the cat continuously kept hissing.

A pretty bold strategy, I must say, considering I’ve heard a few stories of cougars running off with cats around my neck of the woods, only for them never to be seen again.

Not to mention, I feel like the cougar could’ve easily attempted to get through the sliding glass door if it really wanted to. Not saying he would’ve made it into the house, but the last thing you want is it trying…

Cat: 1 Cougar: 0

Check it out:

@ninetyfouralexandra This why you have big ass dogs and dont let your cats outside in Julian, California. 🫠 #NOPE #Getthefuckoutofhere #Mountainliving #Mountainlion #Offgridliving #Murderpussycat #Califorina #Julian ♬ original sound – Alex Grams306

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