Adult Film Star Brandi Love Offers Help To Tom Brady After Divorce From Gisele

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At this point, we all know that Tom Brady and his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bundchen, divorced before the new year.

It was announced that the two were separated, because Gisele was upset at Brady for coming out of retirement after promising he was going to hang it up and focus on the family.

Although everybody thought it was just a tough patch in their relationship, it was much more as they hired divorce lawyers and the rest is history. 

It’s gonna be a difficult process for the two of them, and Brady is estimated to lose around $200 million in the divorce.

In an Instagram Story Brady shared this statement:

And Gisele’s:

So, as you can imagine, this is a new process for Brady, so I’m sure the guy is gonna need some advice at some point or another…

And one person in particular who is ready to help out Brady?

None other than well-known adult film star, MILF, and legend, the great Brandi Love.

She shared a naughty photo on Twitter saying that she would lend a helping hand:

“Dear Mr McDreamy (Tom Brady), I’m genuinely sorry to hear about the divorce.

It’s probably the toughest thing for anyone, of any financial situation to go through. If you need a lap to cry in or If you need any help relaxing.. I can help.

I’ve thought about how for a long time.”

So, naturally, who can offer more help than a porn star?

She shared with Outkick:

“I’ve had a ‘hall pass’ crush on Tom Brady for years. It goes all the way back to his days as a Wolverine. The guy is drop dead gorgeous. Hard working, over achieving and a fierce competitor.

I offered my company to him and Gisele when they were married because, well, damn! But they never got back to me,” “Anyway, divorce is brutal.

Everyone who goes through it could use a friend. I’m the best kind. I come with benefits! Selfishly, I also need him relaxed and focused. He is after all my hometown QB!”

Well, it looks like Brady is gonna have him a golden opportunity once this divorce finalizes.


Ryan Fitzpatrick Still Believes He Is “That Motherf-ker” Tom Brady Was Referring To

Back in February, people were scrambling trying to figure out who “that motherf*cker” was that Tom Brady was talking about in an episode of HBO’s The Shop.

Back when Brady’s contract ended with the New England Patriots in 2020, every team in the NFL without a franchise quarterback was trying to get him on their roster.

Of course, we’re talking about the greatest statistical quarterback of all time, a proven leader, and (at the time) six Super Bowl wins to his name, so it’s easy to see why everybody would.

However, one team that was really showing interest in signing Brady ended up shutting the idea down, deciding to stick with another guy, and that’s when he shared this iconic line:

“One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end. I was thinking… ‘you’re sticking with that motherfucker?'”

Since that comment, many have speculated that he was talking about Jimmy Garoppolo with the 49ers, Brady’s favorite team growing up, and also Derek Carr with the Raiders, but of course, none of that has been proven.

However, one quarterback in particular felt some hella conviction when Brady made the comment, truly believing it was him…

And it’s no other than Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Fitzmagic bearded wonder himself.

Fitzpatrick, who is the definition of an NFL journeyman quarterback playing 16 years in the league with nine different teams, told Dan Le Batard on his show that he truly believes that he was “that motherf*cker:”

“I think I still am. I think I still am that guy. You know if you go back to that again, that’s before the 2019 season when the Dolphins were trying to assemble a roster that is going to help them get a better draft pick the next year, so it’s not like that was going to be an attractive situation for Tom anyway.

So I’m not sure why he was so upset about it, but I still today believe that I am that motha–.”

And then he was asked if he was hurt by those comments, or if he just shrugged them off, and he responded:

“Yeah I tried to get my wife to make a few t-shirts so I could wear them around. We were just trying to figure out with all the kids around which letters to blank out.”

Legend. I would be proud if I was Fitzpatrick.

If he truly is the guy, then he can go around and say his team wanted him more than the GOAT… regardless if the team was trying to tank that year or not.

Tom Brady Finally Confirms That Ryan Fitzpatrick NOT “That Motherf-ker”

It’s been a wild ride trying to figure out who “that motherfucker” was Tom Brady was talking about in the episode of The Shop earlier this year.

Except, Brady recently explained on his podcast, Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray that Fitzpatrick was definitely not the QB he was talking about.

He said:

“I like to keep them guessing, unfortunately with this coming out I’d have to tell him, it wasn’t him. I love Ryan but somehow he’s got it out for me. Ryan’s a hell of a guy too, and I’ve competed against him.

He’s a Harvard guy, now he looks like he’s part homeless, and now he’s on TV, doing [what] my future job’s gonna be. I think Ryan’s got a good thing going, I’m not sure why he needs to think I’m after him.”

So, Fitzmagic, you can sleep easy at night knowing that you were not “that motherfucker” Brady was dogging earlier this year.

Maybe it was Derek Carr.

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