A Mountain Lion Screaming In The Woods May Be Nature’s Scariest Sound

Mountain Lion scream

If I’m in the great outdoors and hear this, I’ll be running back to four walls and a roof in a heartbeat.

Mountain lions are one of America’s top predators.

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, they have the greatest range of any living mammal in the Americas, stretching from the Canadian Yukon to The Strait of Magellan in Chile, and are able to make their home in any number of environments, like mountains, forests, deserts, and wetlands.

They’re top level predators, known to take out everything from small game to elk, like in this crazy video from Colorado.

And while they typically maintain a very low profile, when they decide to let loose a scream, it’s one of the absolute most bone-chilling sounds you’ll ever hear.

Want some proof? Check out this video posted by outdoorsman Westin Yancey a few years back.

While out hunting with a young boy (maybe his son?) Westin heard some screams from a bit away in the woods and immediately started recording, capturing a sound that still has the goosebumps on my skin.

There’s really no way to describe the sound without hearing it, so just turn up the volume and take this one in.

If something in your DNA doesn’t immediately perk up and tell you there’s a problem and you need to get away, then go see a physician, neurologist, ENT, brain surgeon, I don’t know, just go see someone cause there’s got to be something wrong.

How that kid remained so calm is beyond me. But hey, that’s what a good raising in the outdoors will do for you I guess.


I’d be running for the hills…

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