Wildlife Photographer Captures Stunning Photo Of Bull Elk Mauling A Cow In Great Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountain elk
Joe Subolefsky

Talk about a wild moment caught on camera.

Wildlife photographer Joe Subolefsky recently captured an insane shot of a rutting bull elk goring a cow elk in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in the Cataloochee Valley of North Carolina.

According to his account in OutdoorLife, Subolefsky had been taking a few pictures early on a foggy morning last October, when he witnessed one of the craziest scenes he’s ever seen in the field.

In the midst of the rut, he noticed a number of bull elks locking horns. However, once the fighting stopped and the pursuit of a female resumed, one bull in particular was too fired up for his own good.

The bull attempted to mount a nearby cow, but when she dodged his advances, he positioned himself to her side, and with his head down and his antlers out, charged forward, goring the cow.

“She took a few wobbly steps and traveled about 15 yards before going down in the grass. The bull had already pivoted and was making a beeline back to the rival male he had been fighting minutes earlier.”

The encounter reminded Subolefsky of just how cruel nature can be:

“The experience allowed me to witness the raw power of wildlife, and it was a reminder that Mother Nature can be harsh and unforgiving.”

If you’re a fan of compelling wildlife photography, give Joe a follow… he’s captured some INSANE stuff.

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