Twitter Sounds Off After Pat McAfee Thanks College Football Fans For Allowing Him To “Penetrate” Them This Season

Pat McAfee college football

I mean, let’s be honest… the College Football National Championship game sucked.

And it pretty much sucked from the very beginning.

Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs made the TCU Horned Frogs look like, to quote the great Charlie Sheen, “droopy-eyed armless children” on that football field Monday night.

By the first quarter, I was looking for something else to watch… until I flipped over to ESPN 2… where Pat McAfee and the boys were hosting the alternate broadcast.

And it was ELECTRIC.

Funny, engaging, a little bit obnoxious, but hey, that’s the point… to be ENTERTAINING. It was a snooze fest of a game… but I was thoroughly entertained with Pat’s broadcast right from the beginning.

Barely even into the game and he was already hitting the fans with this one-liner:

“With where you guys are standing down there, the Georgia Bulldogs are about to come right in your face.”

And then tearing into SoFi Stadium, which apparently was taking on water like the Titanic:

“Who knows what the jet stream is, this is one of the dumbest built stadiums I’ve ever seen… but it’s beautiful.”

Calling Uga, the Bulldog mascot, a “son of a bitch”:

Saving Tim Tebow’s life:

But the final send off was a work of art… listen to this:

“I personally would like to say thank you to the college football community for allowing me to penetrate you this season and be inside of you all year.”

I found it hilarious… does that mean I have the sense of humor of a 8th grader? I don’t care.

Naturally, people took issue with the suggestive (and hilarious) nature of the comment. But guess what… you don’t have to watch it. There’s was a regular ol’ boring broadcast over there on ESPN… change the channel.

Nevertheless, the pearl clutching was out in full force:

While others (with a sense of humor) loved it:

He addressed some of the criticism the next day:

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