Southern Mom Has Hilarious Reaction To Black Bears Climbing On Truck In East Tennessee: “Oh, Muh Gosh… Holy Geez”

Bear on truck Tennessee

There’s one thing I’ve learned about Pigeon Forge, Tennessee…

Black bears are NOT afraid to approach vehicles that may have food inside of them.

Hell, one time a black bear was able to open up a car’s trunk, get inside, and eat a whole cake that was left in there.

So much for Uncle Joe’s 55th birthday celebration in the mountains…

That being said, this should be a very fair warning to all of y’all who love to go to the Smoky Mountains on vacation…

Do not. And I repeat, DO NOT, leave food inside your car, because there’s a good chance a black bear is gonna be able to sniff the scent from a mile away, and break into your car.

And here we have yet another example of that.

In this video, you can see a family of black bears climbing the bed of a truck, as they allegedly smell food in the cooler that’s sitting on the truck bed.

They even attempt to climb up on top of the truck.

However, perhaps the best part of this video is the woman filming’s reaction to the whole thing.

If you’ve never been to the southeast, this woman is the stereotypical southern mom, being incredibly overdramatic and using euphemisms for cuss words.

She’s saying things like:

“Oh, muh gosh. Bears can knock down doors and break windows easily.”

“Holy, Jeez.”

You can even hear the son in the background say:

“Hey daddy get your gun and shoot it up in the air and that’s how you scare ’em.”

Finally, the family of black bears run off, but this family’s reaction to the whole situation is absolutely priceless.

They gave the whole rundown of the situation in the caption:

“We took a trip to TN, and the first morning we woke up, we had 3 cubs and a mama bear climbing on my husband’s truck.

They were trying to open the cooler on the back of the truck, and thankfully the doors were locked because they had tried to open the door handles. Very intelligent creatures.”

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock