Somebody Sent JJ Watt A Stuffed Badger As A Retirement Gift: “I’ve Received A Lot Wild Fan Mail Over The Years”

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Incase you haven’t heard, star NFL defensive end and future Hall of Famer JJ Watt announced his retirement at the end of the regular season:

“Koa’s first ever NFL game.

My last ever NFL home game.

My heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure.”

Oh yeah, and the Arizona Cardinals put together a tear jerker of a farewell video for him as well, featuring his brother and fellow NFL defensive end TJ Watt, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, his parents, his wife and son, and more, and it’ll absolutely wreck you watching JJ’s reaction.

Grab the Kleenex:

I mean my God, that’s how you make a grown man cry.

I’m sure JJ has been flooded with phone calls, gifts, and so much more over the past couple of weeks, so much so that he probably can’t even keep count anymore or remember all of them.

However, this gift right here is certainly one that won’t be slipping his mind anytime soon…

What I’m guessing came from a fan from Watt’s alma mater, Wisconsin, he received a whole ass badger in a package.

Not gonna lie, when I first saw this tweet, I was shook. I thought it was real. I mean look at it, this thing looks like it would jump out of the box and bite you in the damn face.

Of course, it’s either fake or was taken to a taxidermist after dying (thank God). Nevertheless, this is one that cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation would call:

“The gift that keeps on giving.”

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A beer bottle on a dock