Pesky Feral Hog Chases Helpless Guy Up A Tree

Wild hog tree

Lesson learned: Don’t ever find yourself defenseless against a feral hog in the swamp.

There’s one thing for certain about the creatures, and it’s that they’re the most invasive, good for nothin’ creatures on this planet.

Seriously, they’re good for absolutely nothing besides ruining property and making a mess. Especially in Texas, where they still struggle with an overpopulation of feral hogs that have increasingly made their way into residential areas.

Nevertheless, these can still be some scary sons of b*tches if you’re caught with them one on one, as males can get up to 220 plus pounds.

And here is a prime example right here.

Here you see a weaponless dude who found himself staring a hog in the eyes out in the middle of the swamp.

Due to the thick mud, the guy was having a hard time getting away from the creature, as hogs can maneuver much easier than we can in conditions like that. So, his only means of escape was to run up a tree where it couldn’t get him.

The hog lunges at him a couple times, but quickly realizes it has no shot of catching the guy.

The hog runs off into the woods, and the guy can finally take a deep breath once the coast is clear.

So, it’s always important to carry some type of weapon when you’re in an area where you may run into a creature like this, because sometimes there might not be a tree close by.

It’s hard to figure out what’s really going on here, but one thing is for certain, you can’t help but laugh at the dude running the camera… didn’t help, didn’t say a word, didn’t even flinch… all about getting that video.

Check it out:

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