Paige Spiranac Body Bags Twitter Troll Nick Adams For Criticizing Women’s Golf: “Be So Satisfying Out Driving You All Day”

Paige Spiranac golf
Paige Spiranac

Ohhhh boy. My guy done unleashed a can of worms.

Nick Adams, self proclaimed “Alpha Male” who describes himself as “Australian by birth, American by choice,” has found himself at the wrong end of a Twitter war with the lovely Paige Spiranac, the former pro golfer and current model and social media influencer who is known for her very nice… golf game.

Now there’s one thing about Adams that you need to know upfront, the guy is just a famous political troll who loves to flame both sides of the political spectrum, and he’s garnered a massive following because of it. Honestly, I don’t know much about him other than what I’ve seen on Twitter, but although it seems like he’s genuinely a hyper-Conservative, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a parody account.

I mean, he regularly tweets things like “Kid Rock is the greatest American musician of all time” and “Tim Tebow was an NFL legend.”

Just 100% trolling… all day long.

Known for his outrageous opinions, even politics aside, he recently made another one.

He tweeted out:

“Can’t there be a par 3 course set aside for the slow female golfers so they don’t clog up the championship courses on the weekends? 

There’s no reason women should be allowed to slow down the pace of play on a beautiful Saturday like today!”

That’s when Paige, who would whoop most of our asses on the golf course, responded:

“It would be so satisfying out driving you all day long.”

Adams clapped back, saying:

“Listen Paige, you’re not famous because of your golf swing or how far you can drive the ball.”

And that’s when Spiranac just told it like it was, and ended the argument once and for all:

“Listen Nick, we all know I have fantastic milkers. I shall now change my name to Paige Spiranac (alpha jugs)”


There’s no way anybody can comeback from that. Not even an “alpha male” like Nick Adams.

Not to mention, she also flamed him on the quote tweets as well:

“Nick is the type of golfer who tees off from the tips but can’t hit is more than 220. He’ll wait for par 5s in two when he’s 310 out.

Say “hit it sally” when someone in group leaves a putt short. And thinks he has a shot with the cart girl.”

Tough, tough scene…

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