Large Brown Bear Pushed Out Of Town By Police Cars

Bear police

Bad boy, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Can’t say you see many animals getting a police escort, can ya?

It just doesn’t happen very often, but, there could be more on the horizon.

As urban sprawl continues to grow, there’re more and more interactions with wildlife every time. These animals are adjusting to us being in their space and it leads to some interesting scenarios.

Bears are a front runner in urban interactions for one simple reason: easy food. We tend to waste a lot and our garbage is like a gourmet buffet for them.

A bear’s whole life revolves around getting as much food as they can, as easily as possible. That task becomes remarkable easier when there’s many garbage cans loaded to the brim with food waste.

A brown bear can be a real problem in a town. An animal that can push a 1,000 pounds and hunts anything it can for a living is something to be worried about, whether it human-to-bear interactions, or even our pets.

So how do you get bears outta town?

In this town, run them out with a police car… same way they tried to run John Rambo outta town in First Blood. Hopefully, the bear won’t come back the way Rambo did.

In the video, we can see a brown bear is being escorted out of town by police cars with their sirens blaring.

The bear looks confused and scared, clearly wanting to get out of there as it runs the streets looking for an escape route.

That’s one cop chase a person never expects to see.

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