Kid Runs For His Life From Two Wild Turkeys While Mom & Dad Laugh Their A** Off

Boy running from turkey

What a wholesome family moment.

It’s one of those things that an adult can’t help but absolutely lose their minds laughing at, even though the kid has a look of complete terror in his eyes.

I mean, turkeys pose no real threats to people, even a small kid. But, they can be pests and try to chase people off. There’s just something hilarious about seeing someone run from a wild bird that is not any sort of predator.

This poor kid is seen in his yard running full tilt trying to escape to wild turkeys that are chasing him. As he goes around a car they follow him full speed.

The adults videotaping are almost in tears watching this unfold.

The kid sprints to the car with the turkeys almost catching him. The closer he gets the harder they laugh as you can visibly see the fear in the kids eyes.

The turkeys chase him right to the car before one of the adults tells him to get in quick between the laughter.

Something tells me this kid is gonna be looking to exact some revenge come turkey season.

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