Large Buck Stares Down Bobcat In Great Trailcam Video

Buck bobcat

Bobcats are no slouch, but this guy seemed to make the right decision by backing down.

There’s no shortage of proof that bobcats are pound for pound one of the most ferocious animals on the planet.

From grabbing birds out of the air, to fighting off coyotes, taking out rattlesnakes, to pouncing on unsuspecting deer, these little guys are 20 pounds of absolute fury.

But even they know enough to not go past their limit when face to face with it.

A YouTube channel called Wildlife Critters by Cathy C puts out a ton of videos taking on her property, where everything from bears to bobcats roam freely, and while some are just the creatures going about their business, one of the latest videos captured quite the scene.

It starts with the buck and bobcat already in frame, the buck sensing the potential problem and turning around to face the creeping cat. The bobcat clearly has some malicious intentions at first, perhaps hoping to mount a sneak attack on the deer for the feast of all feasts.

But this buck has been around the block a time or two and turns to face the intruder head on.

For a second it appears the bobcat may try to attack anyway, but quickly comes to its senses and turns to walk away, but not before the buck stares it straight in the eyes, almost begging for him to try something.

All’s well that ends well, I guess, and the both animals lived to fight another day, with the cat I’m sure going off to find an easier target.

But for a moment, we almost had an all-time showdown on our hands…

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