TMZ Removes Story Falsely Claiming That Morgan Wallen Poured A Drink Down A Woman’s Shirt At A Nashville Bar

Morgan Wallen found himself on TMZ again this weekend… for a little while.

Obviously Wallen has had his share of unflattering stories come out in the past couple of years, highlighted by the video that was released in 2021 showing the country superstar using a racial slur outside of his Nashville home.

He’s mostly managed to stay out of the news since then though, other than stories about his Dangerous: The Double Album breaking records and drawing in massive crowds for his latest tour.

But yesterday, TMZ reported that Wallen was caught on video in a Nashville bar pouring a drink down a woman’s shirt.

The only problem: That’s not what the videos showed. At all.

In their original story, TMZ reported on two videos shared by TikTok user @reillyvidendese that shows Wallen at Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway with a blonde lady friend (who’s not fellow country singer Megan Moroney, as many speculated in the comments).

The first video shows Morgan greeting fans at the bar surrounded by his entourage.

@reillyvicendese @morganwallen who is the girl in the white pants 👀 #foryou #fyp #morganwallen #broadwaygirls #broadway #nashville #tennessee #country ♬ Broadway Girls – Lil Durk

But it’s the second video that really stirred the controversy.

The aforementioned blonde woman appears to grab Morgan’s hand and try to pull him away as he’s talking to someone else. Morgan appears to pull back his hand, and then a few seconds later walks back over to the blonde. He then picks up a drink and appears to act like he’s going to pour it on her before pulling it away.

@reillyvicendese Replying to @emgolden1 here’s a better look #foryou #fyp #morganwallen #broadwaygirls #broadway #nashville #tennessee #country ♬ You Proof – Morgan Wallen

But that’s not what TMZ reported.

According to their now-deleted report:

“Morgan creeps up behind her and quickly drops a full cup’s worth of liquid right down the front of her shirt, which clearly leaves her shocked.”

Yeah, that definitely didn’t happen. You can even see in the video that Morgan’s glass is still full after he jokingly “poured” it down her shirt.

And Morgan Wallen fans let TMZ hear it after a quick watch of the videos clearly proved that their story was bullshit:

TMZ has since deleted the article, as well as their tweet about it.

But as Saving Country Music pointed out, numerous outlets that reposted the article haven’t taken it down, and the post is still up on TMZ’s Facebook page, with the comments largely calling them out for misrepresenting what was shown in the video.

So yeah, probably a position Morgan doesn’t need to be putting himself in with all the (deserved) scrutiny he’s faced in the past. But it also definitely doesn’t show him “pouring a drink down a woman’s blouse” as the headline claimed.

Either way, seems like Morgan probably just needs to take his own advice and leave them Broadway girls alone for awhile.

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