Buck Sheds One Of His Antlers & Immediately Proceeds To Battle A Rival Buck

Some of these things are just unbelievable.

The rut is a special time of year for deer. They turn into completely different animals as the surge of hormones rushes through them giving them a new purpose for the coming weeks.

Chasing doe tails is all that is on their mind. It’s the time of year hunters dream for because it’s the one time a big buck will make the mistake you’re waiting for.

Their large antlers are a sign of age and health. They help the bucks when in a battle over a doe in the area. The bucks lock antlers and push back and forth until one decides it can’t win the fight… or on occasion, one succumbs to its injuries from the battle.

These antlers are essential to these fights though.

As the rut ends and the winter comes on a bit more, bucks start to shed their antlers. Usually by that time they’re a bit more calmed down and back to normal.

This buck is seen dropping one of his antlers. This alone is a rare enough occurrence to make this video cool.

He shakes off one of his massive antlers and gets a little spooked. As the buck stands there another slightly smaller buck comes in to battle.

The one antlered deer is not equipped for any fight now. So, he comes up with a different strategy.

As the buck charges, the one antlered deer stands up and tries to kick him. He ends up getting a rack to the ribs and thinks better of this fight all together. He tail-tails it outta there in a hurry.

They say you should never bring a knife to a gunfight, well… don’t bring half a rack to buck fight.


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