The Balance Of This 2-Legged Fox Is INSANE

two legged fox

Not gonna lie, if I looked outside of my window and saw this going on, I’d be fully convinced I’ve reached the Twilight Zone.

Video footage has gone viral of a two-legged fox hopping around on its lone front two legs in a garden in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England.

As you can see in the footage, the fox is having to strictly balance on its front two legs, appearing to defy the laws of gravity.

According to BBC, TV wildlife expert Mike Dilger described the insane video as “nature conquering all,” and “an amazing survivalist story.”

He believes that it’s all genetics, and the fox was born with only two legs, rather than losing them somehow later in life:

“The footage is remarkable. It’s nature conquering all – it’s beautiful. When your producer contacted me and said would I like to pop it on, I was instantly blown away by it.

I think it’s probably a genetic abnormality or disorder, so it’s probably happened from birth rather than as a result of an injury.

The reason I think that is because it’s so adept. Its poise, balance, and control are astonishing—the way it can go up on those two forelimbs and actually still eat.

The fact it’s looking so confident and so able tells me it’s probably happened from birth. It’s an amazing survivalist story.”

He also noted that the fox appeared to be healthy, showing no signs of sarcoptic mange, which is a disease that has wiped out a significant amount of the fox population.

Needless to say, it’s pretty mind boggling to think about the insane balance this fox contains.

Check it out:

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