Man Hops Into Excavator To Rescue Blacktail Deer Fawn Trapped In Mud

Deer mud

Here’s a little something to brighten your day.

It’s always good to see people helping out animals.

The truth is, us humans love to use land. These animals don’t see any of it as ours or theirs, but rather one of two things… useable habitat or unusable.

As we continue to grow and spread out, one thing is certain, we are going to have increased encounters with many species.

Deer as a family seem to do alright in urban environments. In some areas they even thrive, with lower predation rates and an increase in food from everyone’s home gardens.

Sometimes these urban animals get themselves in a jam though. They encounter things they don’t have in the wild like fences, roads or in this case a whole bunch of fresh mud.

In the wild, there isn’t any construction, so the deer just don’t know to stay away from it. This ground looks the same as any other so why couldn’t they walk on it?

A couple of young blacktail deer made their way into a construction site. Before to long they were shoulder deep into the fresh dirt with no way out.

Until one of the workers came back from his lunch break and noticed them.

The man had all the tools for the job and went to work quickly using an excavator to scoop out the deer and place it up on some more solid ground.

This must be the only case of saving a deer with an excavator.

This deer gets to live another day and this fella gets a work story to tell for the rest of his life, even with video proof.

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