Scumbag Assaults Female Hotel Employee, Gets His A** Beat With A Lamp By Female Security Guard

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Scum of the Earth…

Browsing through the internet for hours and hours every day, you’re bound to see some sh*t. And I’ve seen it ALL…

We’re talking positive, heartwarming moments that restore your faith in humanity, as well as the absolute lowest forms of human existence… and everything in between.

This is the latter.

According to an Instagram post from Ronnie Toms, a San Diego-area skateboarder who also works as a hotel security guard, this unidentified (for now) piece of garbage got violent with a female hotel worker, and then wanted to throw hands with the female security guard.

Clearly intoxicated (on what looks like a number of substances), the dude shoves the woman working the front desk after she tells him he doesn’t have a room there, and then squares up to the security guard before attacking her.

BIG mistake…

Our hero Ronnie grabs a lamp and gives the scumbag a well-deserved beatdown.

It’s hard to see exactly what went down (since it’s hard to fight a grown man and film at the same time), but it looks like the dude was leaking by the end of it.

Ronnie explained more of the story, including some details about her injuries, in the caption:

“This is not a video to encourage violence. ‘Aggressive Daren’ this is not how I wanted my year to end. I had no choice but to defend my 4’10 coworker and as well as myself (we are both women).

After my adrenaline wore off I started feeling pain in my thighs shoulders and hips and neck. (I won’t be able to skateboard for a bit doctors orders). If you wanna show love you can throw a couple dollars my way on venom @checkthecollective. My cash app is $thecollectivedrip. I’m posting my Venmo/cash app because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed also I’ve seen people do less and receive.

Please restrain yourself from trolling my page. I’m a human with real emotions. So for the love of God Control yourself. Don’t have a crabs in a barrel mentality.”


Hopefully San Diego police can locate this guy…

Lesson learned…

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