“Peach Bowl Girl” Weighs In On Viral Moment She Was Caught On Camera: “I Was Distraught… I Was Just Praying”

Peach Bowl girl

Stealin’ hearts at the Peach Bowl.

If you were watching the Peach Bowl between Ohio State and Georgia last Saturday, then there’s a good chance you saw the cameras zone in on one Ohio State fan in specific…

She captured the hearts of tons of dudes across social media, and she has since been identified as Xavier University lacrosse player Catherine Gurd.

Gurd also went to TikTok to confirm that she’s indeed the “Peach Bowl Girl.”

She captioned the TikTok with:

“When you kick off 2023 with a new name.”

@catherinegurd1odd turn of events…♬ original sound – hard ahh audios fr🤞

She also posted another TikTok prior, saying:

“POV your 3 seconds on tv somehow makes you go viral.”

@catherinegurd1 thanks❤️ @ESPN ♬ original sound – Beth Anne Brice

And most recently, she made an appearance on Inside Edition, where she discussed the moment that made her internet famous.

Gurd’s older brother is is a tight end for the Buckeyes, and her father played for Ohio State as well, but the blue-eyed beauty admitted that she was pretty nervous when the when the cameras caught her:

“I was distraught at that moment. I was just praying and hoping that we would make the kick … the team would go to the National Championship.”

When asked if she found a date from her new-found fame, she played it coy:

“I don’t know… maybe.”

Unfortunately, the Buckeyes ultimately lost and killed their hopes of a National Championship, after blowing an 11 point third quarter lead, and ending with kicker Noah Ruggles hooking the ever livin’ hell out of a 50-yard game winning field goal attempt.

Ohio State ultimately lost to the Dawgs 42-41.

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