Parker McCollum Brings 9-Year-Old Leukemia Survivor On Stage: “Guess What? I’m Kicking Cancer’s A**”

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The Limestone Kid and the Kid Who Beat Leukemia made one hell of a pair in Oklahoma City last weekend.

In the middle of his show at Paycom Center, Parker McCollum brought up a 9-year-old boy donning a pretty sick mohawk and cowboy boots. Fans knew the “Young Man’s Blues” singer had something up his sleeve, but they could have never anticipated what was to come.

Parker shared the backstory:

“In the meet-and-greet, Will asked me if he could say something into the microphone, so if it’s okay with Oklahoma City we’d like to let Will say a little something…”

Will spoke to the crowd boldly:

“Hey OKC! Guess what? I’m kicking cancer’s ASS!”

Of course, the crowd went wild over Will’s announcement and defiance towards the disease. Social media later deemed the boy, “Warrior Will,” and he and Parker followed up the crowd shoutout with a few bicep flexes just to show cancer who was boss.

As Will exited the stage, Parker announced to the crowd that Will’s story was a true example of “a hell of year.”

What a class act this guy continues to be.

@kellidane93 Warrior Will kicked cancer’s ass! #cancersucks #OKC #parkermccollum #hellofayear #warriorwill ♬ original sound – Kelli Rowton

@zach_mash1 Will is a warrior & Parker McCollum is a class act. Hats off to you sir 🧢#will #parkermccollum #okc #cancersucks #foryoupage #hellofayear ♬ original sound – Zach Mash

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