Moose Wipes Out Trying To Jump A Fence, Flips Over & Lands On Face

moose fail

That one had to hurt.

It’s a far and hard fall for animal of this size.

Moose are massive, there’s just no two ways about it. Even a small one is huge.

They are the largest member of the deer family, with bulls often weighing far north of 1000 pounds. They stand 6 feet at their shoulders.

Cows or female moose typically weigh more around the 800 pound mark but can get up over 1000 pounds too.

Any moose is a big animal.

Watching them in any regard is always a treat, whether it’s a massive bull with a big ol’ rack or even just a young moose. Their size and ability to get through the woods is just amazing.

This man thought the same thing as he was driving along and came across a cow moose running full tilt beside a road. He started to get a video of her as he drove along.

The moose didn’t want to be next to the road anymore and takes a hard left. As she tries to jump over the fence she can’t tuck her legs high enough and ends up tangled in it.

Her legs get caught up and it makes the poor ol’ moose do a full flip over it landing hard on her back.

That’s a lot of weight to take a tumble like that.

Luckily, she gets up and walks away a bit slower than before.

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