Stolen Valor: Marine Calls Out Fake Army Veteran For Trying To Get Military Discounts At Waffle House

Waffle House

Yep, this guy is the scum of the Earth.

I have the utmost respect for those people who have truly put their lives on the line in the military in an effort to protect our daily freedoms.

With that being said, nothing makes me more sick than to hear stories about people trying to take advantage of things like military discounts and free drinks, just because they don’t feel like paying the full price for something.

This is what we call “Stolen Valor,” where people who have never served in the military attempt to wear their own makeshift military attire in an effort to get discounts in restaurants, stores, etc.

Typically, these people are easy for actual military veterans to sniff out in public, because they know the dress so well that they can tell when someone is wearing a fake uniform.

And in this example right here?

It occurred in a Waffle House, where a guy was eating his meal and dressed in military attire, claiming he’s a veteran.

However, an actual Marine veteran walks into the restaurant, and as the guy is finishing his meal, he calls BS on the guy claiming to have served.

The actual Marine vet was left astonished, and so was the Waffle House crew.

He said:

“I knew something was off by the uniform.”

It appears that the guy has done this a number of times before, as he even appears to know the employees by name.

He even calls the guy out for wearing earrings, when earrings are against protocol in the military.

The dude even tries to remove the earrings, but it’s already too late, and he just makes even more of an embarrassment to himself. He even claims he is in the Army while wearing an Air Force combat jacket.

Next thing you know, the fake veteran begins to play victim, saying stuff like:

“Can you chill bro?”

“You embarrassed me in front of this young lady.”

He then asks the waitress to call the police on him because he’s “trying to expose me.”

Some have claimed that the video might be a fake, but you can watch for yourself.

Check out the confrontation here:

@prime.excellence Impersonating a military officer just for a discount at waffle house. And gets caught by an actual Marine Officer 😂 #impersonate #military #marine ♬ original sound – PE ✔️

@prime.excellence Fake impersonator gets called out by a real Marine 👀 #wafflehouse #military #marine ♬ original sound – PE ✔️

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