Neighbors Outraged After Louisiana Man Unlawfully Kills “Neighborhood Pet Deer” In Front Of Kids

Butterbean deer
Patt LeBlanc

Talk about sickening.

According to Outdoor Life, Chad Blythe of Satsuma, Louisiana is a known heroin dealer, who illegally killed a whitetail doe in Livingston Parish, Louisiana on December 29th.

The whitetail, which was known by the neighborhood as “Butterbean,” was shot with a .22 rimfire rifle in the middle of the neighborhood with neighbors, their children, and even a Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries officer watching him.

Neighbor and witness Patt LeBlance, who is a 35-year-old conservation specialist and father of two, said that Butterbean was considered a “neighborhood pet,” and residents often fed and played with her as she wore an orange collar around her neck.

An LDWF officer was there that day to take her to a penned facility, but while waiting on a wildlife biologist to help with the capture, Blythe shot the deer in the middle of the street… from his porch, and then went back inside.

Although the shot didn’t initially kill the deer, an officer had to euthanize it shortly after.

LeBlanc told the outlet:

“The bullet hit my mom’s house. She lives directly across the street.”

He weighed in on his kids’ reaction:

“The kids were pretty upset. They were like ‘Why did he shoot Butterbean? Butterbean was friendly!’

It got to them a little bit, but we explained that Butterbean is a deer and it is deer season, and not everybody knows Butterbean is tame. That was pretty much the only way we could put it to the kids.”

LeBlanc says that the wildlife officer immediately got in his truck, drove up to Blythe’s driveway, and issued three tickets to the culprit.

He was cited for hunting without a basic hunting and deer hunting license, hunting without a deer tag, and hunting across a public road.

Blythe could be looking at a number of fines, possibly jail time, and additional charges for the unlawful killing.

The neighborhood is demanding justice for Butterbean, and LeBlanc wants to see more charges for since the culprit hit his mother’s house with the errant shot.

I think it goes without saying that you have to be some special kind of scumbag to shoot a small, collared doe in a busy neighborhood, especially when you know this particular deer is well-known in the neighborhood.

It’s also clear that he didn’t shoot the deer for the meat, as he returned into his home and left the deer in the street… he just wanted to kill it. And firing at it in the street, with houses and children around? Extremely irresponsible and dangerous.

I say they throw the book at him.

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