Hunter Stunned As Barred Owl Lands In Tree He Is Sitting In

Barred Owl

It doesn’t get any better than this.

This is why we go out there, to get have the chance of something spectacular happen right in front of your eyes.

Even if it wasn’t the best day hunting, after something like that, it was still a very good day with a story you will tell forever… and the video to prove it.

Barred owl’s are an incredible bird, an apex predator that are typically very elusive. Nearly silent in flight often living in very specific habitat, they are always a treat to see. In the presence of humans, they often fly away very quickly.

Getting to have an up close and personal encounter with one of these things is very rare and truly once-in-a-lifetime. They are mainly nocturnal and very careful around people so it just doesn’t happen much.

Barred owls usually sit up in a tree and wait to see their prey moving before they swoop in for the attack.

This hunter got to witness something incredibly right before his eyes, like right there.

As he sat harnessed up in a tree he had a camera set up as he was bowhunting.

Out of no where an owl swoops in and lands between the man and his camera. The hunter just sits there shocked… the look on his face says it all.

As owls do, it turns its head on a swivel and makes eye contact with the man. Immediately, the owls spooks and flies away quickly.

The hunter sits there remaining silent with his jaw dropped.


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