Florida Fisherman Reels In Two State Record Fish In One Day


Yep, I hope this dude went straight down to the gas station and bought himself a lottery ticket after this insanely lucky day.

On December 29th, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that Matthew Marovich found himself atop two Florida state fishing records, after landing a massive red porgy and a blueline tilefish back in August.

It all happened on the last Friday of August, 2022, in ideal fishing conditions, according to a press release sent out by the FWC.

However, when Marovich left his Sarasota home, he could’ve never predicted the outcome of that fishing trip.

He recalled the wild day:

“Both fish were unexpected catches. I thought I had a queen snapper when I pulled up the biggest red porgy I had ever seen. The blueline tilefish felt like a grouper. Tilefish is one of my favorites to eat so it was really exciting to see such a nice blueline come to the surface.”

The massive 10.55 pounder was almost double the previous Florida record for blueline tilefish, as it was set at 5.4 pounds and caught back in 2021.

The red porgy he caught was a whopping 5.56 pounds, beating out the previous record of 4.8 pounds set in 2019.

The reason the records took a while to be certified, is because the fish had to be weighed on a certified scale on land and photographs that have to be submitted clearly showing the weight on the displayed scale.

Yeah, I’d say this is a day Marovich will never forget.

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