Songwriter Channing Wilson Drops New Honky-Tonk Heartbreaker, “Sunday Morning Blues”

Channing Wilson country music

If you haven’t gotten on the Channing Wilson train yet, it’s time to get your ass going.

This guy is country-er than all get up, and with his powerful, gritty vocals and incredibly vivid songwriting, the Lafayette, Georgia native knows how to hit you where it hurts in his songs.

Not to mention, the guy has been a songwriting mainstay in Nashville, writing Luke Combs’ number one hit “She Got the Best of Me,” and has written a number of tracks for the Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt, and many more.

With that being said, Wilson released his latest single, “Sunday Morning Blues.”

He weighed in on the Dave Cobb produced and Chris Canterbury-written song:

“Being a real country music fan, you have to love the sad, depressing, heartache songs too. They are important to the whole spectrum of the story. Depression and anxiety have been the roots of great songs long before we knew they were.

In the past they just called it the blues. This song takes place in the character’s mind during the 2 hours of church service they are missing for reasons only known to them. Guilt is a funny thing that never makes you smile.” 

There may not be anything better and more relatable on this planet than a sad country song, and “Sunday Morning Blues” is all about longing for your former significant other, and waking up to the fact that you’re still alone after a long weekend of trying to forget her memory.

Give it a listen:

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