Charles Wesley Godwin Teases Beautiful Song He Wrote For His Daughter, “Dance In Rain”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Charles Wesley Godwin is quickly making a name for himself as the next top independent country music artist.

Not only can the guy sing the dollar menu from McDonald’s and make it sound like a number one hit, but he can also paint a vivid story in his songwriting. Needless to say, being blessed with both of those traits are incredibly rare.

With that being said, the West Virginia native is back at it again with another deep cutting song.

And this time? It’s all about his daughter.

Titled “Dance in Rain,” ol’ Charles wrote this one alongside fellow singer/songwriter Zach McCord, and boy, this one has some serious potential.

The song is a message to his daughter, of how he hopes she lives her life as she grows up.

And although he lists all of the hardships she may face throughout her life, he just always reminds her to take a step back, and enjoy life by dancing in the rain when she gets the chance.

And incase ya missed it, Charles Wesley Godwin recently teamed up with Zach Bryan to perform his songs “Strong,” “Jesse,” and more from the back of Bryan’s iconic “Belting Bronco,” which is a series Bryan has kickstarted.

Be sure to check it out as well:

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