Pedestrian Nearly Gets Trampled By MASSIVE Bull Moose On Alaskan Roadside


I learned a good bit in 2022, but there’s one thing I learned in particular that will stick with me for the rest of my life…

Don’t f*ck with the bull moose, bison, elk, or any massive creature like those listed.

ESPECIALLY, the bull moose.

Why, you may ask?

Besides the fact that these bad boys can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds, these creatures simply do not want to be bothered by humans who are looking for that ideal “Kodak moment,” trying to snap a selfie next to a bull moose while standing only a couple of feet away.

We’ve seen examples of idiot tourists getting WAY too close to creatures of this size, and either nearly watching their lives flash before their eyes, or get sent to the hospital.

And here is yet another scenario where some moron nearly saw their life flash before their eyes…

As you can see in the footage, a bystander appears to be filming a MASSIVE bull moose who happened to stumble across a snow filled area near what appears to be a busy road in Anchorage, Alaska.

Then, all of a sudden, a random dude tries to walk up on the bull moose, getting within only a few feet away.

Next thing you know, the moose quickly lunges towards the pedestrian, and you can hear the person filming say:

“That guy there almost got trumped!”

The videographer recalled the scene in the caption:

“I was driving down Spenard at 3 in the morning and I see a bull moose in front of NAPA Auto Parts store. I always try to film moose encounters.

I had no idea the guy was going to walk near the moose. Moose are very dangerous and he was lucky he didn’t get trampled.”

Check it out:

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