Charley Crockett Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Of 3 Years, Taylor Day Grace

Charley Crockett country music

Charley Crockett may be the busiest artist in all of music.

We’re talking about a guy who has released a whopping 12 albums since 2015, which is almost (Not quite) on a Willie Nelson level with album releases.

He released his latest album, The Man from Waco, back in early September of 2022, and it may be his best work to date, as the title track from the project has quickly become a fan favorite.

Not to mention, the man has been on the road touring, and will be right back at it again this year.

But speaking of Crockett’s busy schedule, it looks like 2023 just turned up another notch for the guy already, as he has a wedding date to plan.

He announced via social media that he’s getting engaged to his girlfriend of three years, wardrobe stylist Taylor Day Grace.

Crockett shared in an Instagram post:

“The woman pulled me aside and sang me a song 3 years ago at The White Horse Saloon. Last night, she finally agreed to marry me. Taylor Grace, I knew I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you darlin’.”

She added:

“I love you and you are my favorite person. I feel lucky to be able to spend the rest of our time with you. Though paramount, today, words they escape me. The only word I can think of is yes, forever yes.”

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