A Whole Bunch Of Idiot Tourists Get Out Of Their Vehicles To See A Mama Bear With 2 Cubs In Yellowstone


Come on people…

It’s just not worth the risk.

Any time a wild animal has young with them, stay good and clear. They have highly protective instincts as every predator in the wild is usually out to kill and eat the youngest animals in the woods.

A mother with babies is the fiercest creature out there. They have more fight and less fear than anything else, willing to sacrifice themselves even sometimes to protect their young.

That is a mother bear by definition. They are dangerous with young. This is typically a good way to get charged by a bear. Anytime there is a risk, the mother bear leans into her aggressive side to try and protect her cubs.

Although, a mother black bear is not necessary likely to kill you, catching a charge and a few swipes is not on anyone’s priority list.

These people stopped roadside to view a bear and her cubs. A typical occurrence at any national park across the world.

But, these people are stupid… they all get out of their vehicles and get very close to this mother and her two cubs as they come up and cross the road. And here’s the thing, this same bear false charged a different tourist the week before.

“A week before I shot this, she bluff charged a tourist. 100 yards people! Stay in your vehicles.”

Thankfully, nothing bad happened. But, a part of me wishes she bluff charged one of them to scare the living life out of them and teach them a lesson.

Don’t be like these people.

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