Twitter Blasts Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian For Going Ballistic On Alamo Bowl Employee: “Don’t F*cking Touch Me Again”

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Man, I feel like for the past five years, we’ve been constantly saying:

“Texas is BACK.”

Going into each season, they have one of the most talented rosters year in and year out, and this year was no exception, as they brought in five-star transfer quarterback Quinn Ewers from Ohio State, and returned arguably the best running back in America, Bijan Robinson.

However, the Longhorns underachieved heavily again this season, going 8-4 after looking really good earlier this season, taking Alabama down to the wire and losing in a heartbreaker 20-19.

And they ended their season with a close loss in the Alamo Bowl against the Washington Huskies, losing 27-20. Not to mention, the whole team looked like they didn’t even want to play the game, and the culture just isn’t where it was back in the 2000s and early 2010s.

Needless to say, things have been rocky, and Texas fans are already wondering if second year head coach Steve Sarkisian is the answer, especially after they went a sad 5-7 last season.

And it’s no secret that Sarkisian is feeling the heat too. And if you want the proof, just watch this video.

Judging by interviews, Sark seems to be a super nice guy, and doesn’t seem to be the kind of coach who rules with an iron fist.

But in this video, Sark appears to be incredibly on edge, looking like his job is on the line with this game.

And to make things worse, you can also see him turn to an ESPN employee that’s standing in front of their tunnel, and appears to be cussing the guy out like crazy, appearing to say:

“Don’t f*cking touch me again, motherf*cker… get your f*cking hands off me.”

I mean, the dude just seems like a production assistant making sure Texas doesn’t run onto the field before the broadcast is ready, no need to go apeshit on the guy.

And of course, Twitter wasn’t a fan of the move either:

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