Young Buck Comes Flying Across The Road, Taking Out Cyclist Who Crashes To The Pavement

deer cyclist

Now, that’s some bad luck.

I mean, really? What are the odds of this. I know that hitting a deer in vehicle has pretty high odds in many areas but while riding a bicycle? It has to be much lower…

Average speed on a road bike is usually 20 miles per hour, a speed fast enough to still cause harm if you hit a deer. Especially when it is completely unexpected.

The average deer has a weight well over 100 pounds… definitely an animal large enough to hurt you on impact or seriously mess up your day.

Riding a bike usually comes with a wipe out or two if you ride a lot. But, a deer isn’t one that you should be expecting.

This group of bikers was tearing down the road together trying to get a little exercise.

The group is seen biking along all together when out of a no where a young buck leaps out of the ditch and tries to clear it past the group of cyclists.

The deer doesn’t make it far as it nails the first bike that it encounters. The deer hits the front wheel causing the biker to flip off of his bike and the deer to go cartwheeling to the other side of the road.

He smacks his head pretty hard against the pavement, but luckily is wearing a helmet.

Luckily, he was able to finish the ride.

“The rider was able to complete the ride as this happened about 3 miles into the 26 mile ride for the day. The deer also walked away from the incident unharmed.”

No harm no foul, eh?

It’s okay to laugh because everyone involved made it out just fine, but head on a swivel in deer country.

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