Lainey Wilson’s Acoustic Ram Jam Session Is A Must-Watch

Lainey wilson country music

Maybe it’s just me, but there is very little Lainey Wilson could do these days that isn’t good.

Her album Bell Bottom Country is killing it, she has a stellar role in the most prominent TV show in the nation, Yellowstone, and she is just about as hot as you can get right now in the country music game.

Not to mention, you can’t open up TikTok right now without seeing videos of her fantastic backside (which she’s hilariously leaned into as well).

To put it even more simply, her unbridled talent is taking the country by storm and leaving more than most jaw-dropped.

Her Ram Jam Session filmed at Neon Cross Studio can now be added to the list of great performances. This is definitely one for you if you are a fan of acoustic sets.

Before playing three of my favorite songs (what a great little treat), Wilson sat down with Storme Warren from Sirius XM The Highway for a little conversation.

“This is where I feel like we have really found out what Bell Bottom Country sounds like, right here in this building.”

Wilson notes that Neon Cross Studio is a second home to her as she recorded the whole album there. It was so cool to hear her talking about the album’s creation and how she felt like it was unique from the start.

As an artist, you hope you have that feeling with everything you make, but Wilson compared the creation of the album to making history. That she was right about.

Warren and Wilson chat about her adulting milestones, Abby from Yellowstone, her plans for the future, and her gratitude for where she is right now.

“I feel so much support and love from everybody. I don’t know if every artist gets to feel this genuine support like I feel right now because I feel it from every angle of the industry.

I feel it from the fans. I feel it from the folks back home. I just feel like people are rooting for me.”

She is not wrong about that last sentence.

Wilson then goes into the performance and lays down three stellar versions of “Live Off,” “Heart Like A Truck,” and “Watermelon Moonshine.”

Every tune shows her natural vocal ability, and it truly blows me away each time. She’s just damn good… a superstar in the making.

The ambiance of the studio, combined with the acoustic versions of each song, gives a 10/10 viewing experience.

Check it out:

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