Joe Burrow Bought All Of His Offensive Linemen A Cruise For Christmas – But He’s Not Going With Them Because He’s Scared Of Boats

Joe Burrow
Cincinnati Bengals

Guess you’re not going to find Joe Burrow spending a day out on the lake with his boys in his free time.

The star quarterback has his Cincinnati Bengals sitting atop the AFC North and looks to be primed for another Super Bowl run after coming up short in last year’s game against the Rams.

And obviously a big part of Burrow’s success is due to his offensive line.

To thank the guys up front who protect him, Burrow decided to give his offensive linemen with a cruise for each of them and a guest for Christmas.

But he won’t be going with them – because he’s scared of boats.

“I don’t like boats. Not a boat guy. 

No, I don’t like boats. You’re just stuck out there, what if something happens?”

I guess he’s not worried about his o-line getting stuck out there?

“Well I figured they would like it.”

After hearing that, I’m not sure that I would want to get on that cruise if I were one of the offensive linemen. Almost sounds like Burrow’s got something up his sleeve here…

Kidding, of course. This is an awesome gift for the guys who help Burrow shine week in and week out.

It’s just hilarious that he got them a gift that he’s scared of himself.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock