Dillon Carmichael’s Twangy Vocals Shine On Fantastic Acoustic Cover Of Morgan Wallen’s “Don’t Think Jesus”

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Alex Berger

What a song…

Dillon Carmichael sang the hell outta Morgan Wallen’s “Don’t Think Jesus” (no pun intended, but I like it), which is still one of my favorite tunes Morgan has ever released.

The track was written by Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill and Mark Holman, and Morgan released it on Good Friday back in April. It peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Morgan said the song immediately brought him to tears upon hearing it:

“Some of my friends sent me a song today, I was on the way back home from playing a little golf, and they wrote this song with me in on their mind and made me cry in the truck.”

He talks about making bad decisions, losing himself and the shame that comes along with all of that, but ultimately, the importance of finding forgiveness in Jesus, because, as he describes in the chorus:

“If I was him I’d say to hell with you,
ain’t no helping you,
find someone else to give Heaven to,
I’m telling you,
I’d shame me, I blame me,
I’d make me pay for my mistakes,
Oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way.”

Dillon certainly puts his own little spin on it, and with his strong, twangy vocals, it’s a great acoustic cover of a great country song.

This is easily one of my favorite Artist Spotlights yet, so make sure you check it out:

“Don’t Think Jesus”

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